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cq bundle package


1- CQ Board
1- Roll or Osmotic wrap (30 day supply )
1- Caffeine Cream
1- CQ latex long fit waist cincher

This WAISTED BUNDLE has everything you need to start waist training , The latex long fit waist cincher is made with 2 layers of iodized latex it has 2 rows of hooks and flexi rods .The latex long fit gives you maximum abdominal compression and good posture . our caffeine cream & Osmotic wrap help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and burns fat by penetrating your pores and eliminating fatty tissue through sweating (PLEASE NOT ONLY USE CAFFEINE CREAM W/ OSMOTIC WRAP FOR 6-8HRS) We have also included our Cq Board, This board helps keep your rods in upright position if you sit for long periods of time it prevents your cincher from bending and forming pockets in the front area of your stomach.